Released : November 15, 2017

 We are finally into the fall season. We have had some rain all Summer so our pastures are very lush. We had to re-new one pasture but its starting to come up already. Of course the alpacas are happy with the nip in the air. They don’t mind sleeping outdoors when we have a frost and it’s interesting to go to the barn in the early morning and see all our colored animals are white from frost. There are a few projects we need to do to get ready for the winter, like servicing the tractor, storing fans and getting the water heaters ready. Linda is putting mouse guards on the beehives and starting to feed the bees to help build up their stores for the winter. For our yarn customers, we have greatly expanded our yarn selection this year. We have everything from rovings and yarns from our own animals to hand dyed or painted yarns and blends for the fiber artisans out there We know all our fiber customers will be as warm and happy as our alpacas this season and we thank you all for your support.