We founded our farm during December of 2003, reclaiming forested farmland. The mature timber tract behind our house was flattened by hurricane Isabel. We were able to get a logging crew to do a salvage cut on the property so it was not a total loss. After a lot of research on alpacas, we decided to clear some of the land and put in an alpaca farm. We used the money from the timber to help pay for clearing a few acres and building a barn. While we were land clearing, evidence of previous residents was discovered in the form of 17th century English trade ware, soft bricks, and pottery shards.

The first alpacas we bought were a few geldings. These were inexpensive animals to “learn” on and after we didn’t break any of them we decided to invest in some breeding stock. The arrival of our first girls was of course an eventful day and we haven’t looked back since.

We are of course constantly learning more about these animals all the time. We encourage all or clients to do the same by attending seminars and classes not just on the animals but also on fiber and its use.

King William Alpacas is now a medium size farm in a rural setting. We are located in historic King William County, Virginia, thirty minutes Northeast of Colonial Williamsburg.

Our goal is to breed alpacas of sound confirmation with fleece of color, density, fineness, and crimp. Our foundation herd was selected with these goals in mind and all our breedings are carefully selected towards this end.

King William Alpacas is open for farm visits by appointment. We love to meet people just starting in the industry and have helped start up several new farms just this year. We enjoy showing off our animals, talking “paca”, and answering questions.

We are a full service farm and work hard to make sure new owners know how to take care of their animals and feel confident doing it. If you want to learn more about these wonderful animals before spending a lot of money, come by during one of our herd health days. We will provide information on basic herd health care as well as provide hands on experience trimming nails, giving shots, body scoring and can even show you how to do your own fecals for parasite analysis.

Please feel free to schedule a visit. We enjoy meeting people just thinking about it, as well as new and veteran breeders. Our alpacas look forward to seeing you.

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Annual Daffodil Festival
One of our favorite events!! This is the 30th year for this event.
Irvington Farmers Market
Old fashioned open air market in beautiful Irvington Virginia.